Festive Florentines (each)

Our very special version of these famous cookies are coated in deliciously dark chocolate, studded with red and green cherries, cranberries currants and glace fruit; they feature macadamia nuts instead of the usual peanuts and flaked almonds rather than cornflakes. Florentines can be bought individually wrapped too. So you can add one or two to your order if you don't want the whole box of 6. Just press the ADD TO CART button once for each Florentine you are ordering. You can always add or subtract from your order on the View Cart page later on, if you change your mind.


Here's a tip: This is a good present to give at Christmas to people who, for whatever reason, don't actually celebrate Christmas. The packaging doesn't mention Christmas anywhere (except where our company name has to be included for legal reasons) but the cookies clearly say "Happy Times!"




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